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A Note of Appreciation
to Our Customers
For us, there is no greater satisfaction then helping people realize the potential of their properties. Creating areas where people can relax, be with their families, appreciate nature, grow veggies, or just sit and soak in the peaceful surroundings.

Thatís what our work
is all about
Thank you, our customer, for allowing us to build your new gardens. It was our pleasure to help you and we hope you enjoy your new outdoor spaces in health and happiness for many years to come.
Deanna and John

"Thanks for taking the time to explain everything. You really know your plants and did a great job. We love our new backyard."
AP, Trenton

"Our new front yard looks absolutely beautiful; it is the garden of my dreams and although our house is small, you made it look like there's lots of space. I never thought I'd have a home like this."
DC, Trenton

"Our customers are commenting on how nice the updated landscape looks now. Thank you for a job well done."
Dental Office, Frankford

"We're so glad and relieved that we called you. The thoughts we had of where/how to place our new front walkway would have been a disaster and huge waste of money. Thank you for showing us visual concepts of what should have been done, you've saved us much aggravation and our front entrance now looks great."
HB, Stockdale

"I can't believe the amount of thought and work you did for me, and the attention to detail. You've included everything I love and made it look good on my property."
JG, Belleville
"Thanks for an incredible job. It was so easy to work with The Garden Place and your designs really made my home look fantastic. I love it."
KK, Belleville

"Thanks for your insight for my home-based business. I'm a do-it-yourself type, but had no idea how to make the front look great. Your landscape concept showed me exactly what to do."
MN, Brighton

"Because of a bad back, I never thought I'd be able to have a veggie garden again. You came up with the idea of a raised garden and filled it with great topsoil, manure & compost, and also included seating around the edges. I love being outside and you've made it possible for me to enjoy my favourite pastime. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
NC, Brighton

"I really wanted curb appeal and to be honest I wanted passersby to notice our landscaped home. You achieved that painlessly and within my budget. Thank you for listening and understanding my needs. I'm very happy with your work."
PJ, Belleville
"Wow! You just added value to our property and we didn't break the bank account. Even my husband was impressed. We fell in love with our beautiful new home, but you've made it look like a million dollar estate. Thank you so much for your exquisite designs."
SS, Plainfield

"Our backyard was neglected and lost over the years. We never went out there and just stayed on the deck. With your work at our dental office, I knew you were the people who could help us out. I was right! Your transformation has changed our lives - really! Now we spend every evening and weekend in our backyard and have great get-togethers with family and friends over. The backyard is beautiful and we can't thank you enough for all your hard work."
LS, Trenton

"I love our new landscape. You introduced some really spectacular plants and our whole property really looks great. You sure know your trees and shrubs."
SK, Cannifton

"I love my new backyard! It had a few plants scattered here and there and didn't look good. Now, the whole area blends together and is even easier to take care of than before. Please come back and do my front yard."
YC, Brighton
"I love gardening, but had no idea what to do for my front yard. My husband and sons were willing to help, plus we have all our own equipment so I just needed a plan. You really paid attention to detail concerning our walkway, personal preferences and what was important for the value of our home. We loved the plan and the detailed plant identification made it easy to purchase the plants. We just showed it to the nursey and they said "this must be from The Garden Place - they know their plants"."
AE, Corbyville

"Thank you for making it so easy to turn our property into something stunning. Even my daughters love it. The backyard was really bare, but now we have a great place to relax and take in the amazing fragrances I asked for."
SY, Napanee

"Thank you for being such a pleasue to work with. Your respect for my privacy was greatly appreciated. I didn't think some of my evergreens (which are sentimental to me) were worth saving, but you rejuvenated them and placed other plants near them that made them look fresh. I'm enjoying them all over again. Thank you. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends."
AG, Belleville
"Thank you for showing me the right thing to do. Knowing that I'd be selling my house within a year, you were so right in explaining that (at this point) the front was more important to do than the side. Your work was fast and professional and the house had instant curb appeal. My friends and family were astonished at how great it looked. Thanks a million for (gently) helping me do what was right."
LG, Batawa

"You did a beautiful job with my sister's landscape. I was so impressed with your work, that I hired you to do ours too. What great ideas you had and it was really exciting (and a relief) to actually see what they would look like before any work began. We had choices and you included our concerns. The quality of service seems to be diminishing these days, but you are certainly an exception. We're so glad we found you. Thank you for a job well done."
TR, Stirling

"After meeting with several landscapers, we were just blown away by your ideas. We took one look at your concepts and knew you nailed it. You paid attention to our preferences and included them, stayed within budget, solved a few problem areas and applied one great idea after another. People are all gawking at our new landscape and we love the whole property. Thank you for a job well done!"
RS, Plainfield
"I saw the landscape you made for my daughter but didn't know if it was possible for you to design mine too, as I live in Kingston. The pictures, your detailed questions, and technology made it possible. The concepts for the front are gorgeous and I can't wait until spring to start. Can we do the backyard next?"
MT, Kingston

"You did such a fantastic job on our landscape that I took photos and forwarded them to my mom in Kingston. She was skeptical at first, then saw the results on our property. Now she's hired you. And I get to say to my mom, "I told you so!"."
TT, Frankford

"We needed a whole new landscape for our front, back and sides, plus we didn't know if anything could be done around the new pool. All your designs were incredible and we're so glad we met you at the Peterborough Garden Show. You explained each area to us, with courtesy, professionalism and patience. We love our new landscape and everyone is commenting on how great it looks. Thank you for creating our landscape!"
WS, Peterborough

"Our friends gave us your number and we're very grateful. The viewing of the concepts was exciting, an eye opener and actually fun. Thanks for a great job. You should be very proud of the work you do."
DT, Trenton
"When I saw your landscape concept I knew right away that was what I wanted done. You nailed it instantly and showed us how it would look. Thank you."
MW, Trenton

"You did a beautiful job on our front landscape. Even though I changed my mind at the last minute about which was my favourite tree, you made it happen. Thank you for your caring about our preferences and making our home look great."
GB, Belleville

"First, we were awed at viewing your concepts for our home. The amount of thought and attention to detail, what plants belonged where, introducing really spectacularly shaped trees, what looked good against our building, and how the whole landscape would look on our house, was absolutely stunning. We knew you cared about our property and we were onto a good thing. We were not disappointed. We didn't even know that we could get such good topsoil here. Then we watched you work and I must say, being a high-ranking officer, I've never seen such fluid teamwork get things done as your crew. At first we were surprised to see you both (the owners) digging and planting and doing everything as well, but it became clear that's what you like to do and are very focused in your work. The end result was breathless, we couldn't believe it when we got home from work on your last day and saw our new landscape. It really looked like the concepts, only better! You are true professionals with incredible knowledge and industry experience and we will certainly recommend you to our friends. In fact, we already have."
VH, Brighton
"When you called and offered to show me the landscape you volunteered to create, it was a done deal as soon as I saw the concepts. We were under time constraints to complete the project for the grand opening. Regardless of all the rain we received the night before, you showed up, worked through it all and did what you said you were going to do. During the day, I drove to the site and witnessed a team of people (owners included) slogging away. At the end of the day, I received a pleasant email informing me that you were finished. Now that's professionalism. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, effort and help with our community project. The landscape looks great. You are all great trades people." (The Garden Place wishes to thank Connon Nurseries for donating the plant material, and to Judy Bell of Treefrog Design for joining in)
AG, Home Build for Health Care

"Thanks for doing such a good job for us and for being so pleasant to deal with."
RN, Stirling

"My customers are commenting on how beautiful the new landscape looks at my business. Thanks so much for a great job done."
KW, Foxboro
"Wow! I can't believe it. Thank you for making our garden. It was such a boring large driveway until you created the island bed. I love the birch trees (they're my favourite tree) and how you offset them with a white wishing well. This is exactly the style I love and I can't wait to show it to my friends and family. Thank you so much."
WM, Smithfield

"Thanks for the great concepts. I'm really glad I saw your booth at the home show."
KN, Belleville

"Thank you for producing visual concepts for my customer. There was a language barrier and they needed to understand that what they were planning was not a good idea and it would have decreased their property value. We've installed your design and everyone's happy. Thanks for your help."
RL, fellow landscaper, Trenton

"Why didn't I think of that? It's beautiful and appropriate, and my customer is really happy."
AM, fellow designer, Kingston

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