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Please note, we are unable to accept any further design requests for the balance of 2022
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Celebrating 15 Years
in Business!

March 25, 2022
We are so very grateful to announce that our Garden & Landscape Design Services are increasing. We now offer our services full time and 12 months out of ther year. Bescaue we also manage the Quinte Botanical Gardens (see we have decided to retire actual landscape installations and focus on managing this beautiful 6-acre garden destination in Frankford, Ontario. We belive that people need a peaceful, enjoyable, safe outdoor place to visit these days; and helping other people with their landscapes is paramount. Each contribute to increasing the well-being of people and help everyone live healthier lives.

February 3, 2022
New Online Garden Design Courses:
We are pleased to announce that Deanna Groves, head landscape designer, will be hosting online landscape and garden design courses this spring. These courses cover a myriad of topics such as avoiding costly mistakes, low maintenance gardens, creating curb appeal, choosing the right plants, adding a “wow” factor, creating privacy, hiring a landscaper, using focal points, all-year-round gardens, and many more. With 15 years hands-on experience, awards, editorials, and magazine articles, Deanna is passing on her knowledge and all questions are answered. Check our Facebook for timely announcements, or get in touch.

January 24, 2022
A new year and we are happy to report that we are continuing to help people improve their properties throughout the United States and Canada. Even through this pandemic, you can still move forward and create a beautiful landscape or garden. Winter is the perfect time to plan. You avoid the spring rush or lack of materials needed due to shortages, and the proper amount of time is allowed to plan your investment. For details on our design process, please view the “Our Services” page. We look forward to helping you.

April 28, 2021
We are grateful to report that The Garden Place Landscaping Company continues to operate, with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

It seems like everyone is working on their homes, upgrading the insides and outsides - understandably so as none of us are travelling, and instead, are creating great spaces to safely spend time on our individual properties.

We never dreamed we’d witness such a Pandemic in our lifetime and, for businesses, there are several factors to take care of – mainly suppliers (and how/if they’re operating, plus their suppliers), protecting ourselves and our employees, COVID safety rules, changes in protocols, government regulations, and let’s not forget the strange weather fluctuations.

Whether you’re asking us to install your new landscape, or any types of businesses who are doing work on your home, please know that we are all working as hard and as fast as we humanly can in processing the large volume of customer inquiries this year.

This year more then ever - we rely on your business and are very grateful to be able to help you, we only ask if you could please be patient. Looking forward to creating a beautiful landscape for you in a safe and healthy way!

January 13, 2021
We are so grateful to announce that our local landscape installations (with extra safety measures) and design services across North America continue to operate during these unprecedented times.

December 29, 2020
Planning your garden. With so much bad news these days – it is important to step away from the daily ‘negatives’ for a little while. Winter is the perfect time to plan your garden. We’re not rushed, you can enjoy the journey, be ready for spring, and it’s something positive to look forward to.

September 16, 2020 -
Helping seniors. It is incredibly difficult for residents of nursing homes to be stuck in their rooms throughout this whole COVID issue. We came up with a plan! At the moment, elderly people can’t go out or visit anywhere – so we brought the gardens to them! We grabbed our tools, topsoil, plants, employees and tons of flowers, and built gardens outside their front door. Everyone loved it, including the caregivers, and are enjoying being outside in the fresh air and sunshine among beautiful plants.

Outdoor spaces enable us to play, relax, de-stress, and enjoy life

For DIY’s: whether you prefer a visual concept,
CAD drawing, or both – we make your garden transition
seamless, professional and downright enjoyable.

Sample Visual Concept
Sample CAD Drawing

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

"Thanks for an incredible job. It was so easy to work with The Garden Place and your designs really made my home look fantastic. I love it."
KK, Belleville
“We didn’t think we’d be able to get married this year, but you turned my parent’s backyard into a wedding dreamland! We loved our wedding – it was even better then our original plans, so romantic, and tons of fun! Mom and dad are happy – they ended up with an awesome backyard!”
JA, Washington
"Thanks for your insight for my home-based business. I'm a do-it-yourself type, but had no idea how to make the front look great. Your landscape concept showed me exactly what to do."
MN, Brighton
"I really wanted curb appeal and to be honest I wanted passersby to notice our landscaped home. You achieved that painlessly and within my budget. Thank you for listening and understanding my needs. I'm very happy with your work."
PJ, Prince Edward County
“I’m so glad I found The Garden Place. I would not have thought that the front of our house could look so amazing and not cost me an arm and a leg! You really have an eye for planning gardens! Thank you!”
AR, New York
"Thanks for taking the time to explain everything. You really know your plants and did a great job. We love our new backyard."
AP, Quinte West
"Our new front yard looks absolutely beautiful; it is the garden of my dreams and although our house is small, you made it look like there's lots of space. I never thought I'd have a home like this."
DC, Trenton
This year - more then ever - we are all grateful for our gardens.
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